Containers & Equipment

A&S Metal Recycling maintains an inventory of hundreds of bins, roll-offs, and other containers of varying capacity.  


Standard Equipment

A&S Metal Recycling will provide the following standard equipment at no charge:

  • 4x3 containers with or without lids
  • 4x7 containers with or without lids
  • Foundry containers with or without lids
  • Tilt-hoppers
  • Roll-Off containers
  • Metal drums
  • Gaylord boxes
  • Dry Vans and Flatbed Trailers
  • Ocean freight containers

All A&S Metal Recycling metal containers are leak-proof and are checked before delivery. If containers are stored outside, we can provide them with lids and/or locking capabilities. We have an on-staff metal fabricator who maintains and repairs all of our containers.


Specialized Equipment


A&S Metal Recycling will evaluate your specific needs and customize a program to maximize scrap metal revenue. In some cases, this may warrant the installation of specialized equipment:

  • Briquetting Machines
  • Down-stroke Balers
  • Gravity Drain Stands for the recovery of valuable coolant
  • Centrifuges
  • Prab Chip-Processing Systems
  • Rolloff or platform scales

Handling Equipment


A&S Metal Recycling owns a wide range of the specialized machinery and equipment required to efficiently and effectively process ferrous and non-ferrous materials.  A&S Metal Recycling provides a scrap recycling program that will make your scrap metal more profitable, while eliminating many hidden liabilities associated with storage, transport and processing.  Materials are picked up and delivered by our complex network of worldwide transportation via ground, rail, or ocean.