Certified Destruction

Prime manufactured parts are the lifeblood of your business’s innovative capabilities, and protecting that property when it’s ready for scrap is vitally important to the security and success of your business. Whether you have prototypes, excess or obsolete inventory, or defective parts you need to keep out of the marketplace, A&S Metal Recycling can help.

Any recycling company can claim to destroy unneeded parts. But A&S Metal Recycling is dedicated to assuring our clients the most effective and exclusive destruction service available from any supplier. All work is done in-house, with our own equipment and personnel. Nothing is subcontracted or allowed out of our direct control and hands-on supervision. In addition, we go the extra mile to presort metals prior to destruction to maximize the value of the scrapped material.

We provide conclusive evidence of the destruction with photos and video of process from start-to-finish, along with a certificate of destruction if requested. And of course, for the ultimate assurance, our most concerned clients are always welcome to visit our facilities to watch the destruction take place.