Scrap Metal Services

A&S Metal Recycling purchases and sells a wide variety of ferrous, non-ferrous, high temperature alloys and precious metals. Our metals are supplied by scrap metal producers from a variety of industries in North America. 


Services offered to our customers:

  • Independent certified weights
  • Detailed settlement reports
  • Personalized metal audit trails
  • Reduced rate toll processing service (metal converted into ingots, billets, and sows)
  • On-site metal segregation equipment (color-coded bins or magnetic signs for containers)
  • Certificates of destruction for sensitive parts or obsolete inventory
  • Certificates of recycling
  • Weekly scrap metal price quotes
  • Prompt payment
  • A&S Metal Recycling Personnel furnished for segregation programs at your facility
  • Metal sorting classes
  • Scrap metal storage areas designed to your specifications